The Peptide Helios: What Is It?


Helios is a 15-amino acid synthetic peptide that has shown promise as a potential therapeutic agent for various medical applications.

Helios’ ability to selectively activate and bind the EPOR receptor found on the surface red blood cell precursors is one of its unique features. This activation promotes the production new red blood cell, making it an effective treatment for anemia.

The Helios peptide has anti-inflammatory effects in addition to its hematopoietic properties. This makes it a possible therapy for conditions like rheumatoid arthritis and inflammatory bowel diseases.

The Helios Peptide is also known for its ease of use and stability. It is more convenient for patients because it can be administered orally and it resists degradation by body enzymes.

Overall, Helios has shown potential as a therapeutic agent to treat a variety of medical conditions. Its ability selectively to activate the EPOR and anti-inflammatory properties makes it a versatile candidate.

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